Peppercorn, located on the Northwest end of Koh Phangan knows how to do classic steaks and chops well.

Chef Friddi and his wife are the proprietors at this lovely location and the food, as well as the service are Wonderfull.

Steaks are cooked to perfection and his sauces are to die for.    Try his signature Pepper Steak or Steak Diane.   Australian, grass fed Filet Mignon with Homemade Pommes Croquettes and Bearnaise sauce, yum!

For Vegetarians, Chef Friddi has pasta on his menu, such as Penne Rigate in Gorgonzola Creamed sauce.   Or try his Vegetable Lasagne with layers of Aubergine, Oyster Mushrooms and Broccoli with a great fresh Tomato Sauce.       

And his Seafood is also good, always fresh and prepared to perfection.

A great place for a celebration or just taking the time for a good dinner, well prepared by a talented Chef and served lovingly.

Massage in Koh Phangan

Massage here in Thailand is basically either Thai massage or oil massage. My personal preference is oil massage because I like the relaxation it offers. That being said, there are times when I’ve had acute back pain and the deep tissue work of a Thai massage fixed me right up.

Many shops also offer facials, food massage, lava rock massage, etc. I usually stick to the oil massage, asking for coconut oil, as that feels better to me. There is also time to consider, most massages go on for an hour and cost around 450 Baht to $15 USD.  I often go for two hours and end up paying 700 Baht or $23. I often tip but that is up to you and how you feel afterwards.

One thing I always look for in a massage shops are beds that have facial holes so my neck isn’t twisted throughout the massage.

As I said, there are many good massage shops on Koh Phangan, some of my favorites are:

Revive,  Sri Thanu,

Kanda Massage, Thong Sala,

Pure Relax Spa, Thong Sala,

Angila Health Massage, Chaluklum,

Santhiya Spa, Thom tai Pan Noi, Upscale,

Haad Yao Beach

Haad Yao is one of my favorite beaches on Koh Phangan, as it is one of the longest and flattest beaches found here (about half mile long). Tidal changes do effect the beach and water levels but if you are here when the tide is out, this beach is terrific for long walks and meditation.

There are a few good massage shops on the beach as well as a few beach restaurants to choose from.

Snorkeling is decent here and renting gear is easy and plentiful.