Sramanora Waterfall

Getting to this waterfall is pretty straightforward. Get to it from Baan Tai and enter on a small road across from Yam’s Kitchen. When you park your scooter, follow the signs, its only about 500 meters through lovely jungle, to the falls.

Once at the falls, you’ll find two pools, a large one to your with and a smaller falls, which you’ll have to climb a small hill to get to and it is more secluded.

There’s a small restaurant here where you can get a bite to eat and a cold drink.

Wang Sai Waterfall

Close from Mae Haad Beach, Wang Sai Waterfall is a delightful spot to cool yourself off in, while walking through some gorgeous green nature surrounding you.    

Enter from across the road from Mae Haad Beach.  It’s a lovely walk and worthwhile seeing.

Careful of the slippery rocks.

Phaeng Waterfall

This is the tallest waterfall on the island. It is located in Thansadej National Park and is made up of two parts, the Phaeng Noi (small waterfall), which is easily walkable from the entrance and Phaeng Yai (large waterfall) which is a pretty steep climb for about 250 meters up the mountain.  

Like all the waterfalls on Koh Phangan, during dry season, this waterfall may have little or no water falling from it, which can be disappointing. Go during the rainy months and you’ll see the falls, during summer months, it is chancy but still a beautiful hike, nonetheless.

Paradise Waterfall

This fall is just outside Chaluklum, driving towards Thong Sala.   

Look for the sign “Paradise Waterfall”, it’s kind of tucked away, so you’ve gotta keep a close eye out for it. Watch for Kika’s Place Restaurant, it is near there, also a Thai store with laundry services at the entrance to turn off.   

By the way Kika’s Place Restaurant is a wonderfully, small Italian restaurant, owned and operated by an Italian Woman Chef named Kika. Her food is Marvelous and the setting of the restaurant is delightful. All her food, each time I’ve eaten there has been delicious!

Once you’ve found the entrance drive till the end and park. Walk up a bit and pay 25 Baht per person and receive a bottle of water. Continue on up a winding path with many roots to navigate until you come upon the falls and a lovely pool you can soak in. There is a rope you can Tarzan into the pool with or just swim to the falling water and let it rush over your head and body, gorgeous!  

You can also hike above the pool, where there are lovely rock formations which the stream passes over, nice.

Than Sadet Waterfall

Than Sadet is fun and enjoyable excursion to the East side of Koh Phangan.    It’s a beautiful waterfall surrounded by gorgeous trails, trees and greenery. There are many swimming holes to enjoy. You can either hike down the stairs and marked trail to easily find one large swimming hole and waterfall. If you are more adventurous, hike up the falls to find more peace and quiet, more falls and swimming holes.

It’s a great place to go with friends and family to enjoy a picnic. Just bring some food, spread a blanket or sheet and enjoy the views, the shade, the water and the sounds of peace and quiet.

Be careful, the rocks are slippery, take your time and you will be fine. Remember to take in drinking water and a bit to eat. You can use flip flops to hike, although some people prefer runners or hiking shoes. I usually wear flip flops, just have to be a bit more careful is all.

After your done with the falls, continue driving to the beach, which is lovely and get a bit to eat on the beach.